Sunday 22nd November Program #BFILoveFest

It’s Fools for Love night at #BFILoveFest

6.00pm Fools For love/favourite funny moments Twitter

Join authors Stella Newman, Liz Fenwick and Ella Griffin to discuss their favourite romantic fools.

6.00pm Favourite Nora Ephron movies Facebook

Join authors Lynn Marie Hulsman & Kate Lord Brown to discuss the wonderful work of Nora Ephron.

7.00pm Movies that inspired books Twitter

Join authors Carmel Harrington & Hazel Gaynor to hear which movies inspired their books.

7.00pm Richard Curtis movies on Facebook

Join authors Teresa Morgan , Bella Osborne, Jon Teckman & Brigid Coady to talk 4 Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill and Love Actually and many more classics

8.00pm Young love – all your favourite YA romance moments with Keris Stainton on twitter

Join YA legend Keris Stainton for a Q&A on romance in YA – both writing it, and reading it

8.00pm Funniest romantic moments on Facebook

Join author Fiona Harper to hear her favourite moments from films and literature

9.00pm That’s it for the #BFILoveFest, hope you enjoyed it….let us know if you enjoyed it or would like to take part next time email us:

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