Saturday 21st November Program #BFILoveFest

It’s The Power of Love night at #BFILoveFest

6.00pm Rural Romances vs East End Heartache on Twitter

Join authors Alexandra Brown and Kimberley Chambers.

6.00pm Young Love on Facebook

Join us for a discussion about young love and how it’s portrayed in film and literature.

6.00pm Christmas romance with author Sarah Morgan on her Facebook page

6.30pm Join YA author Lydia Syson for a Q&A on historical romance on Twitter

6.30pm Shakespeare screen adaptations on Facebook

Join author Cressida McLaughlin to discuss Shakespeare’s love stories.

7.00pm The Power of Young Love with Lucy Powrie on Twitter

Blogger and YA champion Lucy (@LucyTheReader) will explore the romance of young adult film & literature.

7.00pm Favourite romantic moments with Hello Chick Lit on Facebook

Join book blogger Hello Chick Lit and tell us the moments that make your heart race.

7.30pm The Power of Love on Twitter

Join author Kate Lord Brown Twitter to chat about Power of Love in film & literature.

7.30pm  The enduring appeal of Jane Austen on Facebook

Join author Katie Oliver to discuss the greatest Jane Austen love stories

8.00pm That’s it for today, folks……more romance and fun tomorrow, here’s what we’ve got planned…..

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