Friday 20th November Program #BFILoveFest

It’s Fatal Attractions night at #BFILoveFest

7.00pm Join The Adultery Club author, Tess Stimson on Twitter

Tess will answer questions about adulterous relationships in film & literature.

7.00pm Rhidian Davis BFI Love Program director on Facebook

Rhidian will  discuss the films he chose for the LOVE film season.

7.30pm Join JB  from Brook Cottage Books blog on Twitter

To discuss dangerous liaisons in literature

7.30pm   Authors Caroline Roberts, Fionnuala Kearney and Dani Collins on Facebook

Join them for a heated discussion about adultery in film and literature.

8.00pm Greatest erotic moments in film & literature  on Facebook

Tell us your favourite moments

8.30pm Destructive relationships Twitter

Join Madeline Iva from Lady Smut blog and Charlotte Stein on Twitter

8.30pm Brokeback Mountain – 10 years on Facebook

A discussion about the significance of Ang Lee’s masterpiece and the legacy it left behind.

9.00pm That’s it for today, folks……more romance and fun tomorrow……here’s what’s happening tomorrow evening.

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