How you can get involved in the Romance Festival

We are very excited to announce our next virtual festival and we’d love you to be involved. For those who took part last time, you will know that we have a program of events on Twitter, Facebook and a few Google Hangouts.

Again we plan for the Saturday to be a professional development day for authors (last time we had Script Doctor sessions with editors, Goodreads, tips on getting reviews and much more.)

On the Sunday, we will focus the programme for romance fans which last time included author interviews, romance in YA, discussion around romantic places, steampunk, the men of romance etc.

This event is open and inclusive; everyone is welcome.

If you are an aspiring or established author and you’d like to get involved in a live event, then do let us know. Or if you aren’t around that weekend, we also have a Q&A you can complete which we’ll post your answers on our WordPress site. (last year we had 20,000 views in one day)

If you are a romance blogger and you’d like to host your own event over that weekend, that sounds great.

And if you work supporting authors and you’d like to offer expertise on our professional development day, then let us know too.

We are very open to your ideas, so please come back to us on the email below.

Last year’s event had great engagement with fans and authors alike (reaching 18 million Twitter timelines and had 2000 comments on Facebook). So hopefully offers you a great audience to connect with.

Please spread the word to your fans and let us know how you’d like to be involved.

Thanks all

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Announcing the second Virtual Romance Festival #Romance15

Romance Festival 2015 new logo

We’re delighted to announce our second virtual Romance Festival. The festival takes place in the week before Valentine’s Day, on 7th and 8th February, a celebration of all things romance and erotica.

The festival programme has been devised with both romance fans and romance authors at its heart. The fan day will provide lots of news and insight into books and authors, whilst the author day will offer professional advice and support to aspiring and established romance writers.

Events, blogs and activity will take place on Twitter, Facebook, on this site, Google Hangouts and more. You will need to register here to find out more about the programme

The hashtag for the festival is #Romance15

The festival is open and inclusive, welcoming any publishers, authors, indie authors, bloggers and other romance lovers. If you would like to get involved, email us at